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Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Create Wonderful Food Bowls for your Loved Pets @ Photohaat


One should never make hasty decisions when it comes to choosing feeders for your pet dog, since all feeder materials come with their share of pros and cons. Market research has proved that stainless steel bowls are the best as they are non porous, inexpensive, durable, dishwasher safe and do not allow bacterial growth. Photohaat markets premium quality stainless steel dog food bowls and dog tags that can be customized with wonderful designs of your choice. So make the best use of their customization tool to create something fun and entertaining for your dogs.


Serve Your Pets in Customized Food Bowls


Stainless steel dog food bowls can be wonderfully customized with bright colours, superb designs, images or any text. Let your cute pets enjoy their mealtime in these superbly created food bowls. Log onto our official website, go to the ‘Create’ section, browse through the pet supplies sub- section and customize dog food bowls with your ingenuity. Make the most of our tools and your creativity.


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