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Cushion Cover Heart
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Red Canvas Cushion Cover
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Red Heart Canvas Cushion Cover
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Black Canvas Cushion Cover
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Yellow Canvas Cushion Cover
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Custom Cushion Covers for Home Decor


Photos are something mystical which take us to the happy times we have spent with friends and family. With a photo, one can revisit those times anytime and anywhere. To preserve the photos and put them to display is something which becomes obvious for one to show their affection in a sweet way. An innovative way to do that is by getting home do it yourself (DIY) custom cushion covers in a myriad of colors!


Yes, you read that right! Cushion covers can also double up as canvases where in you can display the best moments of your life in a different yet significant way. These covers not just add coziness to the interiors of the home but also help add a touch of individuality to the room they are placed in. Available in a variety of shapes like the loved ones squares and hearts to ones having colored back and plain front, these DIY cushion covers can easily be customized with pictures and texts etc. The best part of shopping with Photohaat is that you get to choose from the finest quality of products and add a unique touch to them with just a couple clicks of mouse.


Set of Custom Cushion Covers as Gift


A customized cushion cover along with filler having your photo with your parents on the hilltop during vacations last summer is the best thing you can gift them on an occasion. Or, take for instance, your school or college trip to a beach. You can get it printed on a cushion cover and gift to a friend as a memorabilia. Sounds interesting, no? Photohaat has the best customization tools that help you bring to fore your creativity in a most amazing fashion. You can buy from a wide range of customized cushion covers to gift to your loved ones on several occasions.


Customized Cushion Covers for Brand Marketing


Brand marketing is now not anymore limited to newspaper and television ads only. Useful products like cushion covers etc. have become the most preferred choice for brands to market themselves. A square or heart shaped cushion cover etc. customized with the name of the company or the logo of the brand helps promote it in a different yet significant way.


Best Tool & Best Prices @ Photohaat


With Photohaat- an online customization portal, you even get to look at 3D preview of the customized product. It helps you modify (if needed) the text & image(s) and make it appear the way you want to. The prices at Photohaat fit the budget easily.


Other Amazing Related Products @ Photohaat


Apart from custom cushion covers wherein you can create your own design, you can also purchase personalized home decor products like photo frames, wrapped canvas, etc. from Photohaat. Shopping for these products becomes easy with us.


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