Kick start your day with unique coffee mugs

Sometimes little things make all the difference in life. Snuggly sweaters, company of good books and tea in a big coffee mug on a rainy or muggy winter morning often helps you center yourself.  Small indulgences such as sipping your favourite tea in evening after a work filled day gives you a boost.

If you are a coffee or tea lover, you will agree that a beautiful and visually appealing tea ware enhances the taste of beverage served in it. Now-a-days, great-looking coffee or tea mugs have replaced traditional and boring mugs.

Unique tea wares fascinate guests or visitors as well. The joy of chit chat, sharing thoughts, ideas and plans with friends perks up at coffee table. With stunning crockery, the whole coffee table space evolves into the most happening place in your house. There are different styles, shapes and styles in which coffee mugs are available. Metals, porcelain, plastics and glass are the materials that are normally used to produce coffee mugs. The shapes of these mugs are varied and can be anything from a usual circle to a heart-shape mug. Let us explore some of the types of coffee mugs which can be a great buy for you.

a) Two tone mugs: An attractive two tone mug adorned with a bright colour on its handle and same colour on the inside of the mug looks great in your hands. You can also buy these mugs blank in white or black colour on the outside with no imprint at all.


b)  Soft Feel Mug: As the name implies, a soft feel mug has a unique velvet handle which gives you better grip and comfort while holding it. Company logos, messages, personal photographs, cartoons, jokes may be used onto the blank surfaces of the mugs. You  may use them as Cool coffee mugs, milk mugs, tea mugs as per your convenience.


c)  Magic Mug or Colour Changing Mug: A magic mug is a mug which changes its colour when we pour hot drink in it. Such an effect is produced as oxidized inks are used to create it. It can be quite fascinating for your kids. Often times, kids avoid a cup of milk in breakfast. Such a ware will make milk drinking sheer fun for your kids.


d)  Travel Mug: You can carry hot beverages without leakage in a travel mug. You can sight lot of travel mugs on your visit to parks, malls, sporting events etc. Stainless steel versions are easier to clean and are said to keep beverages hot for a longer period of time.


Coffee mugs enhance the experience of sipping coffee even more, especially when the mug suits your preference. Make a smart choice by getting your customized mugs from an online personalized shop.


Give personalized journals to your loved ones

A lot of people write  journal on a regular basis. Writing – articulating your thoughts and writing it on a piece of paper gives a person inner peace of mind. It is considered a very positive activity because there are numerous benefits of it.  When a person writes – he/she processes the event, understands the thought behind it or articulates it and then records it on a piece of paper or a journal.  In the process of writing a journal – one can simplify and deciliter the thoughts in one’s mind.  Secondly, writing helps to build a sharp memory.  It is very easy to achieve success with clear defined goals.


If your friend or a family member writes a journal regularly, then you can make them feel special by presenting them a personalized journal.  You can get their name or photo engraved on it.  Your friend or family member who uses his creative instincts to write will surely love this present.  If it’s your grandfather or any elder family member, you can get their words imprinted on it. It can also feature their favourite motivational speaker, author, player, sport and much more.  Thus, you can also represent your talent with by giving away a personalized journal.


They will love to discover themselves with it. Whenever, they will put aside sometime for writing, a gorgeous journal will bring a smile on their face . Gifting away a personalized journal will convey that you appreciate their talent. These days thousands of ideas for creating a diary are available online. You can also buy a personalized journal or diary online in India.


You can give this unique gift item without spending a lot of money.  So, don’t spend your money and effort on buying run of the mill gift items. Buy this unique gift of love and help your loved ones to preserve their past and present.

Uses of A Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is a common computer accessory. It is basically a cloth pad or a surface that helps to run a mouse. Generally, every personal computer owner uses a mouse.  But have you ever thought about its uses, the productivity it adds? This article aims to explore the uses of a mouse pad in detail. Let us start with discussing what a mouse is.

Beautiful-Artwork-Mouse-Pad 1

A mouse is a computer pointing device that moves on a flat surface. A person using mouse holds it in one hand and moves it backward and forward. This leads to generation of electronic signals which gives direction to computer pointer.  First and foremost, you can get high speed, precision and an increase in comfort level with the use of a mouse pad. A mouse pad gives surface to mouse ball inside a mouse. It makes using a mouse quite handy and increases its speed.

Do-It-Mouse-Pad 2You will surely not like to see claw marks or scratches on your wooden or glass table. A mouse pad safeguards your workstation against blemishes. An attractive mouse mat also looks pretty on your work desk and adds a sense of character to it. Today, the internet is full of companies which offer personalized mouse pads. If you are bored of a dull mouse mat; you can get it custom made with your favourite colour, cartoon character, natural scene, or motivational text on it.

Apps-Mouse-Pad 3

It also provides wrist support. Your wrist won’t hurt even if you will use a mouse along with a mouse pad for a long duration of time. It also helps to cut down the accumulation of debris beneath your mouse.  To conclude, use of a mouse pad surely leads to increase in productivity while using a computer. You can buy mouse pads online at discount prices.